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Amy Holtan Interviews Pocket (Transcript August 2012)


Mona Ozone Pop Opus #1/6

Extended/Original Transcript from August 2012 Collective Palate Post


AH: Tell me a bit about yourselves?


P: All my selves have bits to tell!

All cleverness aside though, in description ; I suppose I’m this kid who, for some reason, writing and recording and generally doing my own thing has been the only common thread no matter what’s happening, or where, or what. Even when there’s no identity or context to hold on to, it still seems to be there. I guess that gives some preface? It’s a common problem not just for myself but I believe generally for others around my age- not having a home to hold on to. Luckily I’ve been able to construct some sort of portable spirit- oriented place for myself- a surrogate feeling of home …..where expression becomes a constant and helpful tool in that sense, for you wherever or whoever you may be, I know that little bit is not necessarily biographical, but I know people can relate to that directly, which is more of a real goal: to be relate-able. That’s more important than where I am from, or my name or background I think.

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